Cabinet Kinésithérapie Ostéopathie Gamond is a local practice offering physiotherapy and osteopathy.

The practice is located in Uccle on the edge of Forest.

Providers :

Jérôme Mendel, osteopath D.O.

Joanna Zaharakis, certified adult and paediatric physiotherapist  

Stephen van den Berg, physiotherapist (187 Av. Kersbeek 1190 Forest)

Additional information on the therapists:

Jérôme Mendel

Adult and paediatric osteopathy;

Every day a.p.from 16:40

Joanna Zaharakis

Licensed adult and paediatric physiotherapy 

By appointment

Stephen van den Berg ;

Sports physiotherapy & Manual therapy ;

New address : Avenue Kersbeek 187, 1190 Forest

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00